Theatre Green Book Australia

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, the Australian theatre community is taking a ground-breaking step towards greener, eco-friendly practices. We’re thrilled to introduce the Theatre Green Book Australia, a brand new resource set to transform the way theatre is produced down under.

What is the Theatre Green Book Australia?

The Theatre Green Book Australia is your go-to guide for integrating sustainable practices into theatre production. Adapted and grown from the success of the Theatre Green Book UK, it’s designed to help theatre professionals across the country embrace eco-friendly solutions without compromising artistic integrity. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre veteran or just starting in the industry, this resource is your roadmap to sustainable, green theatre.

Theatre Green Book Australia

Meet the Authors: Grace Nye-Butler and Chris Mercer

Behind this ambitious project are two passionate individuals committed to nurturing sustainable theatre practices: Grace Nye-Butler and Chris Mercer. Drawing from their extensive expertise in both theatre and environmental sustainability, they’ve collaborated to craft a resource that empowers theatre professionals across the nation.

Grace Nye-Butler: With a background in theatre production and a deep commitment to ecological consciousness, Grace is driven by the belief that sustainability should be at the core of every production. Her experience as an ecological scientist and stage manager, gives her a unique perspective on how sustainable practices can seamlessly integrate with the art of theatre.

Chris Mercer: A sustainability advocate with a penchant for innovation, Chris has dedicated his career to finding eco-friendly solutions for the creative and cultural industry. His expertise in environmental sustainability, combined with his extensive experience in technical theatre, has allowed him to bridge the gap between sustainability and theatre in ways previously unexplored.

Grace Nye-Butler and Chris Mercer, Theatre Green Book Australia

Why the Theatre Green Book Australia Matters

Australian Context. Australia’s unique ecological diversity and cultural vibrancy provide the perfect backdrop for sustainable theatre practices. The Theatre Green Book Australia recognises and addresses the specific environmental challenges faced by theatre practitioners Australia, including access to materials and training, cross-country touring, and local production practices.

Inclusivity. This resource is not just for the theatre elite; it’s for everyone. We believe that sustainable practices should be accessible to all, regardless of budget or experience.

Collective Responsibility. The creative and cultural industry has always been a leader for other industries and a compass to guide the nation forward. By adopting sustainable practices, the creative and cultural industry can set an example for other sectors, inspiring change, raising awareness, and providing proof of concept.

Eco-Friendly Practices. The Theatre Green Book Australia covers everything from energy efficiency to responsible material sourcing, waste reduction, and carbon offsetting, providing practical guidance, case studies, and best practices.

Join the Revolution. The launch of the Theatre Green Book Australia marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible theatre industry. We invite all theatre professionals, enthusiasts, and advocates to be a part of this revolution.

The Theatre Green Book Australia is available now, entirely free, and accessible online. It’s time for Australian theatre to take centre stage in the global movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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